Welcome to Tri Bones

Ignition of an Idea by Amigos

Tri Bones as a brand had a beginning originally founded by three amigos. The Amigos liked cool styles and had a variety of skills and ambition to bring to the brand.

Andy is a skilled craftsman able to make or fix just about anything and has heaps of steeze and is naturally talented at most things he tries.

Jimbo is a knowledgable and lovable individual who always finds the silver lining in everything. He has a way with people that is rare making friends immediately with whoever is lucky enough to wander onto his path of life. 

Eliah is an ambitious dude who endeavours to put others before him. Generosity and kindness with creativity running through his veins. 

These 3 amigos set out on creating something new to share.

At the time, there was little experience in the industry between them however with hard work, collaboration and a strong network, the 3 amigos were able to rustle up a variety of apparel styles, a great launch video and launched the brand at a hidden art gallery which gained Tri Bones traction from the start.

At times, life gets in the way and due to alternate interests, the Tri Bones dream faded into a blurry version of its previous self.

Pressure challenged the friends through the slumber of the brand, however, they still remain very close amigos to this day :)

to be continued ...

"Tri Bones - Reborn"